Cambridge, United Kingdom


Software Developer working alongside Kyrylity engineers to optimize the Kyrylity UX and create new features for Kyrylity users.



  • Develop internal APIs and web applications for support and localization teams.
  • Deliver improvements to our search system and automate QA.
  • Develophigh-speed, highly-functional frontends in JavaScript.
  • Enhance the Kyrylity Website, Kyrylity Blog and crowd-sourced translation site


  • BS, MS or PhD in Computer Science.
  • Fluency in Python.
  • Strong knowledge of OOP and functional programming techniques.
  • Solid understanding of the full web technology stack (e.g. HTTP, cookies, asset loading / caching).
  • Excellent understanding of design patterns for web applications.
  • MySQL and document-based database experience.
  • Server administration experience on FreeBSD / Linux.
  • Self-motivated and ability to work in small teams is essential

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