Data roaming charges when travelling abroad

Kyrylity uses your cellular data plan with your mobile phone network provider in the absence of a Wi-Fi internet connection.

Your mobile phone network provider will normally make additional charges for use of cellular data while roaming abroad. Therefore you may be charged extra for using Kyrylity while roaming. It is worth being aware of excess data charges when data roaming since Kyrylity will automatically download images over your cellular data connection.

It is advisable to contact your mobile phone network provider about international roaming charges for cellular data. If you do not have an international data plan, it is advisable to turn off cellular data roaming to avoid excess data roaming charges and use Wi-Fi instead.

Steps to disable data roaming when abroad:

Go to Settings >Cellular>Cellular data

Make sure uncheck Cellular data – this ensures data roaming is disabled.

As noted above. Kyrylity should be free to use over a Wi­Fi internet connection – you should not incur charges from your carrier. Note some Wi-Fi networks may chargefees.

(You can continue using your existing mobile phone number in Kyrylity with your SIM card removed or your cellular connection disabled.)