Getting Started with Kyrylity

Kyrylity is a cross-platform mobile smart device app that creates configurable address book clusters.

Kyrylity increases the size of a mobile smart device user’s address book by one degree of separation per contact. Kyrylity allows users to freely exchange messages between 1st degree and 2nd degree contacts in their Kyrylity address books.

The Kyrylity messaging service uses your mobile smart device’s internet connection to converse with otherKyrylity users.

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Kyrylity is available for iPhone and Android.

  1. Downloading Kyrylity
    • Download Kyrylity via Google Play for Android devices and iStore for Apple devices.
    • Alternatively visit our <Download> page on your mobile smart device.
  2. Registration: Identity Verification
    • We take reasonable steps to protect your privacy and security.
    • Enter your mobile phone number – it is not necessary to enter your country code.
    • We require SMS authentication to verify your identity before registering your mobile phone number and granting you access to the Kyrylity Service.
    • Enter the six (6) digit number in your SMS authentication text.
  3. Registration: Profile Set up
    • Fill out your Business Profile.
    • Fill out your Social Profile.
  4. Invite friends and colleagues to install Kyrylity on their mobile smart devices
    • Enter the numbers mobile phone numbers of friends and colleagues in the same manner you would if you were to make a phone call to that person.
    • All international mobile phone numbers must begin with a plus (+) sign, followed by the country code and then the person’s mobile phone number.
  5. Open Kyrylity and refresh

Using Kyrylity

Once your contact is visible in Kyrylity you can select and click on their name in Social mode (first degree Social contact) or Business mode (first degree Business contact).

  • In Social mode, you will be able to see your contact’s Social Profile and the friends he/she has invited to Kyrylity (second degree Social contacts).
  • In Business mode, you will be able to see your contact’s Business Profile and the colleagues he/she has invited to Kyrylity (second degree Business contacts).

You can search second degree Social and Business contacts using the predefined search criteria or key word searches.

You can message first and second degree Social and Business contacts. You can also send first and second degree Social and Business contacts media messages via the options in the chat screen.