How do I add a contact?

Kyrylity automatically identifies which of your friends and colleagues in your iPhone address book are using Kyrylity.

Kyrylity then automatically adds the contacts on your iPhone to your Social Contacts and Business Contacts invitation lists.

Contacts who already have Kyrylity accounts will automatically appear in your Social Contacts and Business Contacts lists (your primary contacts) along with their Kyrylity friends and colleagues (your secondary contacts).

If you wish to add a new contact to your Social Contacts and Business Contacts lists on Kyrylity, then enter their name and mobile phone number into your iPhone’s address book.

Important: If a Kyrylity user has your mobile phone number saved to his/her mobile smart device then he/she can only message you via Kyrylity if you have his/her mobile phone number saved to your iPhone OR he/she is a secondary contact (friend or colleague of one of your primary contacts). This means that you will not receive messages from folks you don’t know – we are assuming the friend or colleague of a primary contact is allowed to contact you (the whole reason for Kyrylity!).

Adding international contacts:

International numbers must be added in the proper format. Use the country search tool to find the correct country codes.

Begin with a plus (+) sign when adding a contact’s international mobile phone number to your iPhone address book. Then add the country code, followed by the full phone number.

For example:

  • In the United Kingdom (country code is 44):
    Local 07788 333 999 would be written +447788333999
  • In the United States (country code is 1):
    Local 555-123-4567 would be written +15551234567

Make sure to remove any leading “0” from the local number when adding international numbers.

For local numbers simply enter the mobile phone number as if you were calling your contact on his/her mobile smart device.