How do I add a contact?

Both you and your contact must add each other’s mobile phone number to your respective mobile smart device address books in order for you to use Kyrylity properly.

Once both of you have added one another’s mobile phone numbers to your mobile smart devices you can start messaging each other and looking at each other’s Kyrylity Business and Kyrylity Social address books.

Kyrylity checklist:

  1. Ensure that your contact has installed Kyrylity on his/her mobile smart device.
  2. Ensure that your contact’s mobile phone number is entered correctly in your mobile smart device’s address book.
    • For local mobile phone numbers enter the number as if you would make a phone call to that person.
    • For international mobile phone numbers start the number with a + sign, followed by the country code. Make sure to remove any leading “0” from the local number when adding international numbers.
  1. Open Kyrylity and refresh
    • Contacts in your mobile smart device’s address book that have Kyrylity will be displayed in the Social Contacts list and the Business Contacts list.

    In Kyrylity, you can only message contacts in your Social Contacts list and your Business Contacts list.

    If you do not see your contact in your Social Contacts list and Business Contacts list, it is likely that your contact has not downloaded Kyrylity. It will be necessary to invite your contact to Kyrylity.