Kyrylity privacy options for iPhone

By blocking people on Kyrylity you will no longer receive messages from them.

Kyrylity messages sent by a blocked contact will not be delivered to your iPhone.

If a Kyrylity user has your mobile phone number saved to his/her mobile smart device then he/she can only message you via Kyrylity if you have his/her mobile phone number saved to your iPhone OR he/she is a secondary contact (friend or colleague of one of your primary contacts).

This means that you will not receive messages from folks you don’t know – we are assuming the friend or colleague of a primary contact is allowed to contact you (the whole reason for Kyrylity!).

If a Kyrylity user adds your mobile phone number to his/her mobile smart device address book, he/she will not be able to view your Business Profile and your Social Profile unless you have added his/her mobile phone number to your iPhone address book.