Kyrylity access to your iPhone Contacts for iPhone

We recommend that you give Kyrylity access to your iPhone Contacts.

Your address book data will always remain private to you.

However, Kyrylity does use the phone numbers from your iPhone address book to give you option of inviting friends and colleagues to Kyrylity. Kyrylity looks at the phone numbers in your address book, then checks to see which of those numbers are verified in Kyrylity. This allows any Kyrylity users from your address book to appear as contacts in your Kyrylity Social and Kyrylity Business address books. Only mobile phone numbers are sent to Kyrylity during this process over an encrypted connection. No other information, such as names, emails, and addresses are used.

Kyrylity then uses the names you have allocated to the mobile phone numbers in your iPhone address book for first degree contacts. Second degree contact names that you observe in Social mode or Business mode will be the nicknames chosen by the Kyrylity contacts of your primary Kyrylity contact.

Kyrylity users will have access to your Kyrylity Business and Kyrylity Social address books if you both of you are on Kyrylity and both of you have saved each other’s mobile phone number to your respective mobile smart device/iPhone address books.

No one using Kyrylity will have access to your mobile smart device address book data, only your Kyrylity address book data.

How do I enable Kyrylity access to my contacts?

If you initially denied Kyrylity access to your iPhone’s contacts, you can enable access by going to your iPhone’s Settings:

  • Go to iPhone Settings > Privacy
  • Tap Contact
  • Ensure Kyrylity is set to “On”

If Kyrylity is greyed out or does not appear in Privacy settings then you should check iPhone Settings > General > Restrictions.

If you do not allow Kyrylity access to your contacts you can continue to use Kyrylity albeit with limited functionality. You will be able to receive messages from other Kyrylity users but not be able to see the names of primary and secondary Business Contacts and Social Contacts (only phone numbers).