Verification process for Android mobile smart devices

The Kyrylity verification process for Android mobile smart devices is a follows:

  1. Connect to the internet via your mobile smart device’s cellular data facility or a WiFi internet connection (there may be complications if you are abroad roaming)
  2. Download Kyrylity for Android from the Google Play store or visit our <Download> page on your mobile smart device.
  3. Enter your mobile phone number.
    • It is not necessary for you to enter your mobile phone number in an international format complete with country code (unlike adding contacts)
  4. Review and acknowledge your agreement to our Terms of Service
  5. Press “Continue”
  6. After a few seconds your mobile smart device will receive an SMS with your Kyrylity account activation code.
  7. Type your Kyrylity account activation code into the box provided to complete verification

Important: Please ensure that you are able to receive the incoming account verification text. Disable any call-blocking features/text message interceptors preventing the receipt of the verification text. Android-based PCs are not supported.

We cannot send you your Kyrylity account activation code via email for security reasons.